trigger.exceptions — Trigger’s Exceptions

All custom exceptions used by Trigger. Where possible built-in exceptions are used, but sometimes we need more descriptive errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLError

Base exception for all ACL-related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLNameError

A base exception for all ACL naming errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLQueueError

Raised when we encounter errors communicating with the Queue.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLSetError

A base exception for all ACL Set errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLStagingFailed

Raised when we encounter errors staging a file for loading.

exception trigger.exceptions.ActionError

A base exception for all Term action errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadACLName

Raised when an ACL object is assigned an invalid name.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadCounterName

Raised when a counter name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadForwardingClassName

Raised when a forwarding-class name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadIPSecSAName

Raised when an IPSec SA name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadMatchArgRange

Raised when a match condition argument does not fall within a specified range.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadPolicerName

Raised when a policer name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadRejectCode

Raised when an invalid rejection code is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadRoutingInstanceName

Raised when a routing-instance name specified in an action is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadTermName

Raised when an invalid name is assigned to a Term object

exception trigger.exceptions.BadVendorName

Raised when a Vendor object has a problem with the name.

exception trigger.exceptions.CommandFailure

Raised when a command fails to execute, such as when it results in an error.

exception trigger.exceptions.CommandTimeout

Raised when a command times out while executing.

exception trigger.exceptions.CommandoError

A base exception for all Commando-related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ConnectionFailure

Raised when a connection attempt totally fails.

exception trigger.exceptions.CouldNotParse

Raised when a .tacacsrc file failed to parse.

exception trigger.exceptions.EnablePasswordFailure

Raised when enable password was required but not found.

exception trigger.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured

Raised when something is improperly... configured...

exception trigger.exceptions.InvalidACLSet

Raised when an invalid ACL set is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.InvalidBounceWindow

Raised when a BounceWindow object is kind of not good.

exception trigger.exceptions.IoslikeCommandFailure

Raised when a command fails on an IOS-like device.

exception trigger.exceptions.JunoscriptCommandFailure(tag)

Raised when a Junoscript command fails on a Juniper device.

exception trigger.exceptions.LoaderFailed

Raised when a metadata loader failed to load from data source.

exception trigger.exceptions.LoginFailure

Raised when authentication to a remote system fails.

exception trigger.exceptions.LoginTimeout

Raised when login to a remote systems times out.

exception trigger.exceptions.MatchError

A base exception for all errors related to Term Matches objects.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingACLName

Raised when an ACL object is missing a name.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingPassword

Raised when a credential is missing a password.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingPlatform

Raised when a specific device platform is not supported.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingRealmName

Raised when a credential is missing a realm.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingTermName

Raised when a an un-named Term is output to a format that requires Terms to be named (e.g. Juniper).

exception trigger.exceptions.NetDeviceError

A base exception for all NetDevices related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.NetScreenError

A general exception for NetScreen devices.

exception trigger.exceptions.NetScreenParseError

Raised when a NetScreen policy cannot be parsed.

exception trigger.exceptions.NetscalerCommandFailure

Raised when a command fails on a NetScaler device.

exception trigger.exceptions.NotificationFailure

Raised when a notification fails and has not been silenced.

exception trigger.exceptions.ParseError(reason, line=None, column=None)

Raised when there is an error parsing/normalizing an ACL that tries to tell you where it failed.

exception trigger.exceptions.SSHConnectionLost(code, desc)

Raised when an SSH connection is lost for any reason.

exception trigger.exceptions.TacacsrcError

Base exception for TACACSrc errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.TriggerError

A base exception for all Trigger-related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.TwisterError

A base exception for all errors related to Twister.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnknownActionName

Raised when an action assigned to a ~trigger.acl.parser.Term` object is unknown.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnknownMatchArg

Raised when an unknown match argument is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnknownMatchType

Raised when an unknown match condition is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnsupportedDeviceType

Raised when a device type is not supported by Trigger.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnsupportedVendor

Raised when a vendor is not supported by Trigger.

exception trigger.exceptions.VendorSupportLacking

Raised when a feature is not supported by a given vendor.

exception trigger.exceptions.VersionMismatch

Raised when the TACACSrc version does not match.