Adding New Vendors to Trigger

This is a work in progress. Please bear with us as we expand and improve this documentation. If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!


You need to account for the following:

Interactive (pty) sessions

  • Does it support telnet?
  • Does it support SSH? (Should work by default)
  • What is the SSH auth method? (keyboard-interactive, password, etc.)

Async factory methods for remote execution

  • For telnet: Can you use IoslikeSendExpect state machine?
  • For SSH:
    • Does it support SSH exec? Try execute_exec_ssh
    • Does it support SSH shell? Try execute_generic_ssh
  • What is the prompt pattern?
  • What is the command to disable paging?
    • add ‘vendor_name’: ‘disable paging command\n’ to trigger.netdevices.NetDevice._set_startup_commands.paging_map dictionary.
  • What is the command to commit/write to memory?
    • Account for ‘vendor_name’ in trigger.netdevices.NetDevice._set_commit_commands

Commando support

Add the vendor name to the following:

  • add ‘vendor_name’ to settings.SUPPORTED_VENDORS
  • add ‘VENDOR INTERAL NAME’: ‘vendor_name’ to settings.VENDOR_MAP
  • add ‘vendor_name’: [‘DEVICE_TYPE’] to settings.SUPPORTED_PLATFORMS
  • add ‘vendor_name’: ‘DEVICE_TYPE’ to settings.DEFAULT_TYPES
  • add ‘vendor_name’ to settings.IOSLIKE_VENDORS

Error messages/timeouts

Determine how error messages are displayed, and what default timeouts (if any) need to be accounted for, for example:

"% Invalid input detected at '^' marker."