trigger.exceptions — Trigger’s Exceptions

All custom exceptions used by Trigger. Where possible built-in exceptions are used, but sometimes we need more descriptive errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLError

A base exception for all ACL-related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLNameError

A base exception for all ACL naming errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ACLSetError

A base exception for all ACL Set errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ActionError

A base exception for all Term action errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadACLName

Raised when an ACL object is assigned an invalid name.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadCounterName

Raised when a counter name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadForwardingClassName

Raised when a forwarding-class name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadIPSecSAName

Raised when an IPSec SA name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadMatchArgRange

Raised when a match condition argument does not fall within a specified range.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadPolicerName

Raised when a policer name is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadRejectCode

Raised when an invalid rejection code is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadRoutingInstanceName

Raised when a routing-instance name specified in an action is invalid.

exception trigger.exceptions.BadTermName

Raised when an invalid name is assigned to a Term object

exception trigger.exceptions.BadVendorName

Raised when a Vendor object has a problem with the name.

exception trigger.exceptions.CommandFailure

Raised when a command fails to execute, such as when it results in an error.

exception trigger.exceptions.CommandTimeout

Raised when a command times out while executing.

exception trigger.exceptions.CommandoError

A base exception for all Commando-related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.ConnectionFailure

Raised when a connection attempt totally fails.

exception trigger.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured

Raised when something is improperly... configured...

exception trigger.exceptions.InvalidACLSet

Raised when an invalid ACL set is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.IoslikeCommandFailure

Raised when a command fails on an IOS-like device.

exception trigger.exceptions.JunoscriptCommandFailure(tag)

Raised when a Junoscript command fails on a Juniper device.

exception trigger.exceptions.LoaderFailed

Raised when a metadata loader failed to load from data source.

exception trigger.exceptions.LoginFailure

Raised when authentication to a remote system fails.

exception trigger.exceptions.LoginTimeout

Raised when login to a remote systems times out.

exception trigger.exceptions.MatchError

A base exception for all errors related to Term Matches objects.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingACLName

Raised when an ACL object is missing a name.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingPlatform

Raised when a specific device platform is not supported.

exception trigger.exceptions.MissingTermName

Raised when a an un-named Term is output to a format that requires Terms to be named (e.g. Juniper).

exception trigger.exceptions.NetDeviceError

A base exception for all NetDevices related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.NetScreenError

A general exception for NetScreen devices.

exception trigger.exceptions.NetScreenParseError

Raised when a NetScreen policy cannot be parsed.

exception trigger.exceptions.NetscalerCommandFailure

Raised when a command fails on a NetScaler device.

exception trigger.exceptions.NotificationFailure

Raised when a notification fails and has not been silenced.

exception trigger.exceptions.ParseError(reason, line=None, column=None)

Raised when there is an error parsing/normalizing an ACL that tries to tell you where it failed.

exception trigger.exceptions.SSHConnectionLost(code, desc)

Raised when an SSH connection is lost for any reason.

exception trigger.exceptions.TriggerError

A base exception for all Trigger-related errors.

exception trigger.exceptions.TwisterError

A base exception for all errors related to Twister.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnknownActionName

Raised when an action assigned to a ~trigger.acl.parser.Term` object is unknown.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnknownMatchArg

Raised when an unknown match argument is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnknownMatchType

Raised when an unknown match condition is specified.

exception trigger.exceptions.UnsupportedVendor

Raised when a vendor is not supported by Trigger.

exception trigger.exceptions.VendorSupportLacking

Raised when a feature is not supported by a given vendor.

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